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The 2022 event focus on:
Igniting Africa’s Economic Growth & Industrialization

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The Economic Zones Africa Expo (EZAE) is the premier event dedicated to Economic Zones (EZs) in Africa. The event will bring together African EZs in the form of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Industrial Parks (IPs), Free Trade Zones (FTZs), Export Processing Zones (EPZs) and other zones.



Converge Business Events is organising the inaugural Economic Zones Africa Expo. Converge Business Events is dedicated to being a progressive enabler for the exchange of knowledge and facilitator of trade in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. Our purpose is to be a vehicle and a connector of people to share ideas and innovative solutions to solve economic challenges in Africa. Guided by a strong desire to enable trade in Africa, we organise and manage trade exhibitions, conferences and summits.

Converge Business Events was founded by Sanele Mtshali and Lonwabo Mavuso who both have a wealth of experience in business events.



EZs encompass a broad range of traditional commercial zones and related concepts but not limited to Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Free Trade Zones (FTZs), Export Processing Zones (EPZs), Industrial Development Zones (IDZs), Industrial Parks, Industrial Special Agro-processing Zones (SAPZs), Technology Parks, Science and Research Parks, Petrochemical Zones and recently Medical Special Economic Zones (MSEZs).

There has been a keen interest by African countries in implementing EZs. The aim of these zones is to promote exports, job creation and development of infrastructure facilities for industrialization. Counties in Africa are implementing EZs as a way of attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs). The global trading landscape has been characterised by the proliferation of trade agreements with the recent Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement being implemented. With the aims at opening up regional markets and create new opportunities for intra and inter – trade. Countries worldwide especially in Asia and Africa have established EZs as a fundamental instrument for attracting investments for economic growth. Asia boasts more than three-quarters of all special zones, putting it at the epicentre of global growth strategies based on foreign investment and export processing. China, for example, is home to 2 543 zones more than half of the world’s total.


Summit and Expo

  • To foster and encourage information sharing trade investment between African and the world EZs and the business fraternity buying from EZs
  • To provide a face-to-face matchmaking platform for EZs in Africa
  • To bring African EZs on par with some of the best performing EZs in the world
  • To be the premier blueprint platform in Africa of discussion on EZ policy, investment & promotion, trade and industrialisation as a result of EZ implementation and set-ups
  • To stimulate continental and regional economic growth and boost employment creation
  • To position Africa towards the 4th Industrial Revolution by the promotion of infrastructure development arising from investments in EZs
  • To attract domestic and foreign investors in African EZs
  • To profile African EZs in the form of a portal that will talk to the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • To promote Africa regional integration


  • Three-days event of panel discussions, presentations, workshops, case studies
  • The event will attract over 4000 delegates from across Africa and the rest of the word
  • Over 40 countries will be represented. Countries from Africa, and the rest of the world
  • 50+ Panel discussion session, workshops, presentation, plenary
  • Launch – Online EZs portal to allow for continued discussions and business opportunities


  • Three days trade show that runs concurrently with the summit
  •  The trade show will attract over 5000 visitors from across Africa, and the rest of the word
  •  Over 40 countries will be represented. Countries from Africa and the rest of the world
  •  The trade show will attract over 150 exhibitors from Africa and the rest of the world
  • The event will attract over 1000 buyers and investors to the show
Messe Frankfurt and Converge Business Events have mutually agreed to terminate their partnership in staging the 2022 inaugural Economic Zones Africa Expo. This is due to the repositioning of the event and Messe Frankfurt re-prioritisation and refocus on their already existing portfolio of events. The Economic Zones Africa Expo will be staged and managed by Converge Business Events, supported by its strategic partners.